DASH Services

Shared services deliver numerous benefits, particularly with increasing pressures to reduce costs and do more for less.



'Regulatory Information and Management Systems' or RIAMS for short is the new generation knowledge management tool for professionals.

It provides a wealth of benefits for housing practitioners including:

  • Regularly updated procedures and documents
  • Complete with legal notices
  • Free ‘new content’ request service
  • British Standards
  • A place to share folders and best practice
  • The ability to create communities for knowledge sharing
  • An opportunity to earn CPD hours
  • Enable new ways of working
  • Plus much more...

 For more information on how to access this facility via your local authority’s DASH subscription please email: jonathanwilliams@rhenvironmental.co.uk or call 0844 801 0733

To view RIAMS terms and conditions visit View Licence | My Account (rheglobal.com)

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