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Accreditation represents quality. It show a landlords is serious about setting, achieving and maintaining high standards.

Landlord Accreditation

The aim of DASH accreditation is to encourage and promote good property standards and management practices in the private rented sector.

DASH accreditation offers people working in the private rented sector the opportunity to gain a quality mark in recognition for the good work that they do.

 The quality mark identifies the individual as one which has attained certain standards and commits to upholding a code of conduct therefore giving a professional advantage. (Please note we do not accredit companies or agencies) 

DASH accreditation runs a service which develops training and continual professional development in addition to offering a support system so that people in the lettings market are aware of their responsibilities in terms of tenant management and housing standards.

A percentage of all rented properties registered with the DASH accreditation service are checked to ensure they offer a satisfactory level of health and safety and assistance is offered, where necessary, to address any issues found.

Tenants benefit from the reassurance that a DASH accredited landlord will strive to provide a quality service.

Accreditation offers the private rented sector a means of ‘self regulation’; that is to say DASH accreditation services is not an enforcement body. Our success comes from working in partnership with a range of other partners to help raise housing standards.

Landlords who wish to carry the quality mark for accreditation in Nottingham city – the ‘Nottingham Standard’, can do via DASH landlord accreditation. Once accredited with DASH our members are automatically  passported into the Nottingham Standard and can use the Nottingham specific marketing pack.

DASH has been managing a landlord accreditation service since 2008 and our success has been widely acclaimed.

In order to become a DASH accredited landlord you will need to:

1.  Complete the online application form. Create your account and get your DASH membership number, then add in all the properties you own and let.

2.  Be confirmed as a suitable landlord

3.  Complete the DASH Landlord Development Course

4.  Pass a property health check

5.  Commit to the code of conduct and agree terms and conditions

6.  Agree to listing your name on a public register of DASH accredited landlords

Apply for accreditation now  Create a DASH account and get your DASH number, then add your property list. Without all this information your application will be rejected as incomplete.


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