DASH Services

"We want everyone to have the
 opportunity to live in a safe, warm, secure, good quality home"

Linda Cobb Project Manager

About Us

DASH Services is a joint-working initiative with Local Authorities, property owners, landlords and tenants. DASH aims to improve housing conditions in the private sector, with particular emphasis on the private rented sector.

The service has operated successfully across the East Midlands region for a number of years, providing a valuable low cost service to over 40 Local Authorities. Due to our strategic nature and success DASH continues to develop across the country and now much further afield and is a leading provider of housing advice, information and guidance for the private rented sector.

We were established in response to the introduction of the Housing Act 2004 by Government, and were set up to provide support services to Local Government in undertaking their statutory duties however our remit and geographical area has expanded to adapt to the changing housing markets we find ourselves in.

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