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"Where we live defines who we are.
Poor housing is linked to poor health and reduces people’s life chances."

Linda Cobb OBE DASH Services Principal Manager

DASH Landlord Accreditation - Portsmouth

Why choose DASH Landlord Accreditation


DASH specialises in accreditation and was launched over 15 years ago 

The scheme is a Local Authority run service, based within Derby City Council, on behalf of Council all across England

The DASH Accreditation package includes not only a nationally recognised training qualification but also a Virtual Inspection. 

Landlords use the Virtual Inspection as a ‘sense check’ to give them reassurance that their homes meet the necessary standards for letting ahead of any visit from the Local Authority for licensing purposes which shoudl issues arise result in costly notices, fines or legal action.


Scheme Manual

The DASH Landlord Accreditation Scheme Manual outlines how the scheme operates and what requirements are made of landlords in terms of standards and conduct - DASH scheme manual .pdf (dashservices.org.uk)



Accreditation lasts for up to 3 years


The following fees will apply upon application:

1 - 5 properties


£95+VAT per landlord

6 - 11 properties


£160+VAT per landlord

12 - 29 properties


£380+VAT - per landlord

30 - 39 properties


£500+VAT - per landlord

40+ properties


Please call Linda Cobb on 01332 641111


Upon renewal of your accreditation the following fees apply:

1 - 24 properties     £80 + VAT - per landlord

25 - 40 properties £200 + VAT - per landlord

41 - 50 properties £280 + VAT - per landlord

51+ Properties      Please call Linda Cobb on 01332 641111



How to Join

In order to become a DASH Accredited Landlord you will need to:


  • Apply online:  https://control.dashservices.org.uk/register/dash
  • Pay the application fee 
  • Pass a 'Fit for Accreditation' Check 
  • Complete the Landlord Development course (Foundation)– the course is FREE as part of your membership package.  This course is available online.
  • Have a health and safety inspection of a sample of your properties (a minimum of 10% of properties owned per membership period) and complete any works our inspectors deem necessary to bring your property up to DASH standards within the timescale given

For more information please email sarah.wright@derby.gov.uk or call 01332956803   

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