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Important information for HMO Landlords & Tenants during COVID-19

We recognise that HMOs present a difficult problem in terms of reducing transmission of the virus and that tenant turnover can be high. However there are practical steps you can take to lower the risks as far as possible during the course of the pandemic. The sections below provide key information to assist HMO managers and landlords. 

Following the relaxation of measures on 13th May tenants, landlords and agents are free to visit properties for viewings, moving in procedures & cleaning the property after check-out. Lettings agencies may also now re-open and tenants may leave the house to visit their offices. Social distancing will need to maintained and limits placed on the number of persons present as far is practicable. 

Please read and implement the government's guidance for people working in, visiting or delivering to other people's homes. 

During tenancy check in and check out procedures, please contact all tenants in advance and ask them to stay away from common parts whilst you undertake the required checks.  

It would be good practice to reiterate the key public health measures implemented by the government:  

Don't invite friends, family and partners into the property.

Advise your tenants that this is a stressful period for everyone and they should make efforts to be considerate of all other tenants, particularly those who may be more susceptible to the infection.

Provision of soap and hand sanitizer is a sensible step to take. 

You may receive a request from a tenant to ask if their partner can move in during the lockdown. You should be sympathetic to the request, however please be mindful not to exceed the permitted number on your HMO licence if applicable and seek advice from your Local Authority HMO team

If you rent a shared house please find to follow useful information which will help you and your tenants during this difficult time:



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