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A MUST read for all Landlords during the COVID 19 pandemic

1st June 2020

The Government has updated the guidance document and you are strongly advised to read through it as this will affect your business



The Gvernment has issued an advisory guidance document today to help landlords and tenants understand the implications of the Coronavirus Act 2020.

The Guide covers the important following questions and more:

As a tenant, should I stop paying rent during the outbreak?

What can I do about rent arrears? 

As a landlord, should I stop charging rent during the outbreak?

Extending the current ‘pre-action protocol’ on possession proceedings to private landlords

I have a licence to occupy, am I protected by the Coronavirus Act?

I have lost my job which came with accommodation, and they have told me I have to move out. What rights do I have?

What if my boiler breaks, or something else happens which is an urgent risk to my health?

What does the current situation mean for repairs to my property?

What about my legal obligations to provide regular gas and electrical safety inspections? Will I be prosecuted if I can’t get access because I or my tenants are self-isolating?

What about access to a property to conduct viewings or where a move is scheduled?

Someone in my House in Multiple Occupation has the virus, am I obliged to remove them or find my tenants another place to stay?

My property is in an area subject to selective or additional licensing. What is going to happen to it?  


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