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"Where we live defines who we are.
Poor housing is linked to poor health and reduces people’s life chances."

Linda Selvey Project Manager


  • Damp and Mould

    This is a common problem in properties. Older properties tend to suffer more than new ones, but rental properties are particularly prone. 

    The problem is often a matter of degree: from a … more

  • Do you reject tenants with pets?

    Do you reject tenants with pets?

    With over 46% of us being pet owners, you could be cutting off a large amount of prospective tenants.

    If you are considering opening your options, read Tessa … more

  • Joint tenancies

    Has one of your tenants moved out and you have remaining tenants in the property?

    Tessa Sheperson explores the legal situation and provides a great case study on joint tenants. … more

  • Great news for Landlords re: Universal Credit

     News from the RLA on Universal Credit-

    Alan Ward RLA Chairman

    24th Nov 2017

    ‘The RLA Campaigns Team is pleased to report that the Government has listened to us on … more

  • Licensing: A Comprehensive Overview (Webinar)

    With more and more councils across the country exploring licensing schemes, this is now becoming more important to landlords with lots of questions arising.


    Are you aware of … more

  • Tumble Dryer at your property?

    ‘A million homes still at risk’ from deadly tumble dryers Whirlpool, the washing machine manufacturer, has admitted that up to a million homes could be at risk from faulty appliances … more

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