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Changes to Gas Safety rules

Changes to the rules surrounding annual gas safety checks are to give landlords greater flexibility around dates.

Subject to parliamentary approval landlords will now be able to carry out the compulsory checks any time in the two months leading up to the renewal date – while still retaining the existing date for the following year.

In practice this means that if your check is due on May 31, the check could be carried out any time in April or May, while still retain the May 31 renewal date for the following year.

This means landlords won’t be penalised for sorting out inspections sooner rather than later as well as giving them greater flexibility with dates if inspectors are in high demand, or if they are struggling to get access to the property – without shortening the overall inspection period.

The Health & Safety Executive has published a draft copy of the updated Approved Code of Practice and guidance which will apply from 6th April 2018, subject to approval.

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